Vitamix Explorian E320 Smoothie Blender Review

Vitamix is one of the leading blender manufacturing brands in the USA and around the world. The company kick-started their first venture of getting into the doors of blending world by 1930. This brand has been known to its amazing quality, sturdy build and extraordinary features. In recent years the brand has introduced many next-generation blenders from the S series to the A series. You might have been using any of the products of this brand.

Initially, the high-performance and powerhouse Vitamix products were received well at the commercial level not at home. But, now when the Vitamix has made something equally useful for both, now people have started tilting towards its products when it comes to using blenders at home. They are now more reliable, trusted and has a nice price diversification to fills the bills of every family.

Vitamix Explorian E320 is the best blender for larger to smaller families. This can handle 64-ounce liquid capacity and can process meals and other foods for larger families. This comes with a 2.2HP motor and ideal for blending any type of substances without any hiccup. Let’s dive deep and learn the other specification of this valued blender.


  • 2.2 HP Motor
  • 10-Variable speed controls
  • 64-ounce liquid capacity
  • Separate pulse feature
  • Low profile perfect for family meals while fits comfortably under the kitchen cabinet
  • Hardened stainless steel blade
  • Self-cleaning
  • BPA free plastic
  • 7 YEARS warranty


Do you want to make perfect and free of chunks smoothies and drinks from veggies and fruits? There are blenders what I have come across which cannot even process the soft foods perfectly and leave big pieces and grains. For handling various types of foods at home, it takes hours in the kitchen most of the time for households. The Vitamix E320 is a perfect grab to handle any food type and process anything you throw at it. This is one of the finest blenders with a great size range to handle processing for larger families. This is the machine what can pulverize the ice into perfect snow without heating out and producing disruptive noises. You can prepare ice creams, slushy drinks, snow cones and prepare hot soups at the commercial level or home.

Do not think too much, spend some extra bucks in housing a great featured blending machine, you would not regret the decision ever.

Design and Features:

Vitamix Explorian E320 features variable speed knob. This type of knob offers more choice out of it you can make anything you want at the required or desired speed. By using this know or variable speed feature, you manually control everything you want and mix different amounts at different rates. Yes, for a novice using the machine the very first time, it takes time to get used to it. After using and turning the knowledge to one or more speeds, you get to know how this functions and use it properly as per the desired speed and liquid amount. Like, if you are handling the soft smoothies, it will take seconds to process them. For soft ingredients, you must use the slow speed, for preparation of hot soups, turn the knob at the maximum value available on the dial.

The 64-ounce low profile container is something must account while choosing the best blender available in the market. This can handle the 64-ounce liquid without any hiccup and got the capability to entertain large batches for family meals.

The Vitamix has done a great job in embedding the pulse function. The pulse feature, it could use properly and timely, can lessen the entire processing. I have seen people using the blenders for years, yet not aware of the right use of pulse. This function uses to give shot too hard substances to come into the more rad of the blades mostly with veggies and nuts. Here you see it separately embedded, and you can use it timely on the right substances as I mentioned.

Vitamix is the one who takes care of every little detail of the blades and overall look. The blade has been designed to process any type of food as per the desired speed. The stainless steel made blades are the best part of the machine, and it offers you great testing blends for years.

I have seen people purchasing dedicated nuts blenders as their general blenders are not good at processing nuts and hard foods. This blender is something you can proud at, which can easily process any substance such as nuts and veggies and turn them into power to make nut powders or grind beans to make coffees and more.

The Vitamix E320 featured a 2.2 HP and designed identical to the next generation Vitamix models. This embedded with four inches blades with Widebody container. The four inches blades require slightly more power to drive them as compared to the previous generation models of the same brands.

The gadget is truly heavily and well built. You cannot just have it and travel across the world. This also features a radial cooling fan and motor to prevent the overheating what causes the permanent damage to the motor and other parts of the machine.

This model comes with seven years warranty with three years of full warranties to the cover parts. This is one of the most powerful machines, and you should acknowledge the power comes with a great noise. You will have to bear the noise of the machine, but processing is not prolonged, and you get the processing done in minutes rather lurking around for hours.

  • Sturdy built
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Impressive power performance literally can go through any type of substance
  • Fits in most of the kitchen cabinets
  • Amazing customer service
  • Expensive
  • Noisy
The Final Thought
Vitamix E320 is one of the finest creatures to go through anything you want. This blender has the capability to process the hardest foods such as grind coffees, pulverizing ices into snows and preparation of hot soups for dinners.
If you want no-brainer but gold standard blending machine, this is the hands-down option for you.


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