Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender review

Vitamix E310 Explorian BlenderAre you hunting for the best quality blender at a reasonable price? Without any doubt, through the years we have seen many international blenders coming with out of the box design embedded with a splendid range of features and functions. I have been using many brands to go through the food processing daily, and blender is the most pivotal part of my kitchen routines.

Vitamix is a big name in the blending world, especially; this brand has changed the design and features so many times just to offer a great experience to the users. We had been witnessing the larger sizes pitcher blenders coming from Vitamix. And this was a genuine issue, Vitamix decided to manufacturer a normal sized blender to fits the needs of a smaller family plus budget friendly. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender is one of the latest additions of Vitamix brand what offers blending facilities to smaller families in the smaller price range. You can have this splendid blending beast, go through the blending tasks and use the Vitamix advanced patented blending features at ease.

So, let’s dig deep and see what this budget-friendly product from Vitamix has been embedded with.


  • 2HP strong powerful motor
  • 3 inches laser cut
  • Stainless steel hammer mill blade
  • Built-in radial cooling fan
  • Five-foot-long power cord
  • 48-ounce liquid capacity
  • Variable speed knob
  • Separate pulse button
  • Five years warranty


I think coming up with an idea like Vitamix Explorian Blender is something we must appreciate. This means the brand listens to its customers, and the only complaints were the bigger size of a blender along with the price. Yes, the size stack up against the price and company literally cannot do anything in the same regard.

Before the series, the users were restricted to only two options. Buying a full-sized blender or purchase a personal blender dedicated to a single task such as smoothies or others.

There was not an option in-between, and there was something missing, it was better to fill up space by itself rather allowing any rival to come and stand against you. Vitamix did the same and came with 48-ounce container size instead of the 64-ounce container with shaving off the price at least 200 bucks.

You still enjoy the same features as the 2 HP motor performs almost the same and you see this going through literally anything you throw at it.

Vitamix is the leading blender manufacturer brands you see around. This brand has left many behind and earned a unique place in the market. If you use the brand’s product once in your life, you would not be able to touch any other brand just because of the interface, value, power production and amazing features. I have also been using the professional series 7500 and felt many time the size just too big for a single to handle.

The E310 is something like hitting the nail right on the head and falls right on every criterion of a good and budget-friendly blender. Still, the price may be too bulky for some families to handle; the performance is something you cannot expect.

The blender features the same design as Professional 7500 with pulse and speed variable dial option in the middle.

These two bells and whistles are something to value as they make you produce better results and get any job done within seconds.

I have seen people saying the blender is capable of making soft smoothies, etc. There is not a single difference between the old 7500 and E310 except the size. The size and the volume capacity is the only difference, and this was what Vitamix wanted to produce.

The container is capable of handling smaller amounts better than the older and larger sibling what fits the needs of larger and bigger families to create recipes and prepare hot soups for the dinners.

The smaller sized pitcher is easy to clean because of its compact size.

The automatic clean feature adds great value; the process is the same. Just fill up the jar halfway with the water and put a few drops of dishwashing liquid and turn it on for 30 seconds. Rinse it and drain the soapy water from it, and clean it with some dry fiber.

The Explorian E310 comes with a minimalistic control panel and is very easy to use from every side. This embedded ten variable speed options, on/off button and pulse feature. You can switch to any of the variable speed as per your substance type and speed required. The lower speeds are great to prepare smoothies, and higher speed is recommended to prepare the hot soups.

Using the high-speed variable dial feature, you can have the hot soups within seconds without thinking twice. This lets you have soups for the dinners rather going through manually and getting this done.

The blade embedded into the container, super easy to assemble and use. Just popped into the ingredients you want to process, and place the lid with the lug on the top of the jar and turn the knob to the desired speed level. When the processing is done, turn the variable speed to one and press on/off button.

You can have a tamper option to blend thick mixtures; the blender does not come with a lock system, so you better be careful while using it at high speeds.

  • A good sized machine to handle blending for smaller families at the lesser price tag.
  • A versatile machine capable of making a good range of recipes, smoothies, bread, and baby foods, etc.
  • Shorter than Vitamix 5200
  • Expensive
  • Shorter warranty
The Final Thought
The E310 Explorian offers top of the line range of various speed to go through different types of substances at a good price range. This fits the bills for smaller families and stores away quite easily.

Yes, the five years shorter compared to the other products of the same line is something we must ponder it. The brand should have extended the warranty up to 7 years at least.


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