Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender Review

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart BlenderCleveland, Ohio based corporation has been in the business of manufacturing blenders for nearly a century. This was 1936 when they came up with first ever Vitamix blender, and you see until now; they are the leading brand in the world.

There can be various reasons for them of being on the top like they always upgrade their products with the latest features functions and technology. They always come up out of the box solutions and always keep close eyes on the product reviews and take constructive criticism to become the better corporation every time.

Vitamix is one of the finest blender machine manufacturing brand; you see this has developed the perfect designs, sober and good looking. They also take care of the fitting of the blenders in the cabinets and always come up with such design what could fit right in and most of the cabinet.

The blender what we are going to review about, Vitamix Ascent A3500 will impress you from its appearance and its functionality. This houses a clear see-through container and tight lit and smart futuristic base. This can blend anything consistently and provide the best possible results.


  • Powerful motor that pulverize everything you throw at it
  • Five program settings
  • 10 variable speed control
  • Large size 64-ounce liquid capacity
  • Separate Pulse button
  • Built-in timer to track the blending
  • 2 HP motor
  • Ten years warranty


If you are looking for a top of the line blender, you must not skip this Vitamix Ascent A3500 blender. This is one of the latest models of the same brand and highly recommended. This machine checks all the boxes right such as beautiful design, amazing, powerful performance, easy to clean, ease of storage and much more. I have been using this model for a while, and I see no downside until now. This blender falls right for the larger families to prepare and process food. You can have this impressive mode at your doorstep and add values to your food processing without any doubt.

Design and features:

I have not seen any blending machine consistent with Ascent A3500. This machine is a sure-shot way to process any food you like. You need to rightly use the pulse and speed controls. You get a known as a dial what controls the speed, and you get ten-speed controls. While processing any type of food especially the hard foods which are difficult to process in a blender and takes life into the blenders, use the right combo of speed and pulse.

Now, you can prepare your morning healthy smoothies and late night dessert with guaranteed superb results. Now, the house parties at your home will be more interesting than ever before. You thrill your guests and other friends by serving the finest dips and spreads.

This machine got the capability of dealing with any type of ingredient. You throw veggies, fruits, dough, butter, and baby foods and see the magic how this little beasts process the hardest material you see. The machine comes with ten variable speed controls to offer uniform texture using the standard speed option.

The machine also comes with five pre-programmed settings. The machine is a combo of preprogrammed and manual speed controls.

Five program settings

  1. smoothies
  2. hot soups
  3. dips and spreads
  4. Frozen desserts
  5. Self-cleaning

The timer display is something you must account while purchasing a good blender. Nowadays every blender is coming with this feature, and we see this in our A3500. This feature includes the timer display with touchscreen what allows you to set the time of the blending manually. The timer will count the time and will display remaining time and seconds in your blending. The machine stops automatically while reaching up the set time and you get the desired results. If not, then repeat the process and see how the machine allows you to go through any ingredients such easily.

The digital know help you go through the various speeds. You can have any speed as per your requirements, and this automatically sets to one after blending done. If you accidentally leave the speed setting on high, you get unexpected startup while using it at the next time.

The Vitamix also re-innovate the lids of the machine. The machine features a see-through lid what helps the users to easily view from the top. The previous models had a black lid what halts the view, and it was something unpleasant. Now, the user gets a clear view of everything processing within the container, and it makes the blender look better than before.

This blender model comes with ten years of the complete warranty. The Vitamix completely backing up this model for any damage and you get the part repaired within this period.

The self-cleaning feature is something amazing, and we must value this feature. This function allows the user to automatically get the machine cleaned using just one button. You put water and dishwasher cleaning liquid and tap on the automatic clean button; you see the machine runs and clean up the entire mess within the container.

The machine features laser-cut blades made from hardened stainless steel to offer ultimate durability and precision. The design of the container has been built in a way that it gets back the ingredients back into the blades radar after processing.

  • Powerful motor
  • Five pre-programmed settings with a self-clean feature
  • See-through lid with the amazingly designed container
  • The blender performs outstandingly for nuts, batters, dressings, purees, flours, and spreads.
  • Sleek appearance
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 10 variable speed controls
  • Touch screen digital timer settings
  • Expensive
  • Noisy
The final thought
This is the perfect option for handling kitchen tasks efficiently. I have been using this for years and see no downside in the machine for processing any type of material. It is one of the finest beasts, full with advanced features such as Timer, preprogrammed settings and speed controls.
The product is bit noisy, but it comes with the power and size. You will have to bear this one side when you get the bundle of other amazing advance features.


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