Best Blendtec Pro 795 Blender Review 2019

Blendtec is the most acknowledged name in the blending world. The brand has put out so many world-class blenders to cater to the needs of the people. This is the incredible line of professional blenders which can be used in home and business equally. Their no-frills designs blenders feature powerful motors, best blending speeds and offer simple to use interface. This is the experienced name of the blending, and over the years they used the accumulated experience in the betterment of the users. They use the patented smart blend system to detect the errors in the products and offers precise blending experience.

The product about which we are reviewing got no exception. Blendtec Pro 795 Blender is the part of stealth series blenders’ line. This line garners impeccable reputations in deliver quieter blending experience. This is the perfect option for users who are sensitive to load noises. This noise reduction is because of the extra shield or external housing of the blender probably.

If you want to grab a product to produce excellent performance without creating much noise, have this product and enjoy the blending and smoothie making.


  • 3.0 horsepower motor
  • Blue illuminated touch control
  • 11 manual speeds to customize blending
  • 6 preset blending modes
  • Wildside Jar
  • Quite blender
  • 8 years warranty
  • BPA free wild side plus a jar
  • Easy to clean touchpad
  • Dishwasher safe


I think the blender is one of the most excellent choices for any blending and smoothie enthusiasts. This got all necessary features and functions required for a good blending machine including preset blending functions, manual blending options, and good sized jar.

For one who is looking for a potent blender, who could pulverize anything you throw at it, Blendtec Stealth 795 is the hands-down choice.

The noise reduction with no doubt is the biggest edge to this machine; this has been added with an extra shield outside, just to dampen the noises created while blending hard substances such as ice crushing, etc.

Design and features:

I want to ask a simple question “What do you see in a blender while purchasing.” The answer should be simple- the power. The blender what we are reviewing here is a powerhouse of blending. This is equipped with a 3.0 HP motor. The shape and design of it are almost identical to the Pro 800 which houses a 3.8HP motor. Though there is a difference in motor and power, still you have enough power to pulverize the hardest material available for blending. Both of the blenders got the power to produce optimum level performance, and you will have both of them in almost at the same price tag.

There is plenty of power there, to shred the ingredients into the smoothest form possible. You will notice this from the first day, the moment you prepare smoothies and hot soups, you see it the horse of blending machines.

If you are a novice and has never used any Blendtec machine ever before, Blendtec has managed to produce some mind-blowing videos. You can view the performance and usage of those machines on YouTube.

The automated preset programmed functions have done an awesome job for the blending machine. This comes with an illuminated control panel; you chose among different 11 available speeds plus a pulse function. The plus functions play a pivotal role when you are going through hard substances such as ice. When you put ice in normal machines, and go through it in a single go, you may get damage to the machine. Ice is one of the most difficult substances to process in a blending machine, so get the right use of pulse. The pulse functions make the machine to get rest at least 30 seconds, accumulate the power and go through the ice easily. You get the six unique preset modes to get the job done as quickly as possible.
The preset functions are the best thing indulged into this machine. You just tap on any of the preprogrammed features and get the result as per the programmed function. If you want a program to be redesigned as per your preference, get it changed.

The manual controls are another mind-blowing feature. This helps in to produce the right amount of power to process the ingredients and making a healthy smoothie. If you are the one who loves handling the processing manually, the option will lure you indeed.

The preprogrammed modes are Batters, mixed drinks, smoothie, frozen treats results, whole juices, and hot soups.

These are the biggest help for the novices, who are unaware of taking the big leaps in processing. They select the option and switch the needed mode on.

The biggest advantage of having this machine onboard probably I have repeated this earlier, the noise. The blending noise just ripped off the entire ambiance, and if you are taking care of the toddlers who are sleeping, you may get awake with the noise.

The Blendtec has specially designed this machine and has taken special care to this annoyance what most of us feel while blending. This massive blending machine would never let you down when you look at this only feature. The outer enclosure of this brings the noise level down as much as possible and would not disturb anyone.

If you are standing with someone and having a quiet conversation, the blending noise will not disturb your conversation for sure.


  • Quieter machine for blending
  • 8 years warranty included
  • Best illuminated controls
  • 6 preset modes help you go through blending quickly
  • Expensive
The Final Thought
I have been using Blendtec and other blenders for years. I have never come across in my life to this level of the mixer. This comes with lots of powers, great functionality, controls and above all noise reduction. You get all right boxes checks at one place. I can bet, you never will grab this ample amount of power under this price range.

This is the blender what you expect passing on to your children. This runs at least for 10-15 years, as Blendtec backs this product for 8-years.

Have this machine at your doorstep, and you never regret this decision ever.

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