Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base review

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt BaseAre you searching for the best Blender online? You have not found any right product with the right features, functions, and price? You need to spare a moment and just have a short glance on this Ninja BL660 blender. You read its specification, its reviews and check its ratings; I am sure you will be blown away with such tremendous features range, like me.

You probably are wondering from where I could read the correct information about the product, the right sizes of the product with true descriptions. We have managed to provide you all in one piece of content. Just give us a moment and have a birds-eye-view of the product and see what else this has to offer.


  • 1000-watt motor
  • 72-OZ crushing pitcher
  • Two separate lids to go 32 OZ pitcher best to take your smoothie and have a smooth run
  • Super-Fast blender with six-blade system
  • Total crushing technology to blend frozen drinks, ice cream and much more.
  • Blast through the hard veggies and whole ingredients
  • BPA free plastic components
  • Removable blades
  • Dishwasher safe can have it in the dishwasher to get it cleaned without any damage


The first question what rose head in my mind when I decided to have this product as my next kitchen appliance (Why should I buy this instead of Vitamix or Blendtec?). Probably, you have not read the specification of the product; this can easily blend and grind the hardest products such as full vegetables and ice. So, to get these two separate jobs done, you are not required to have two products, instead, have this compactly designed blender and add value to your expensive life.

This blender is a combination of many other important kitchen appliances. You get two separate ninja cups to go lids. You can have your drinks on the go and have a smooth run. You will have one 72 oz capacity either, this size of a pitcher or container can fit the needs of an entire family without any hiccup.

You get a high-quality motor of 1000-watts, this range of powerhouse probably runs in a bar or cafe where the bar attended gets blending for hundreds of time in a day.

Design and features:

I have seen people asking some basic questions like how long does this Ninja product take to get grinding or smoothie done. This would not take your time; it merely takes ten seconds to go through all ingredients such as leafy vegetable fruits and mix them up for you. You can have either the large 72 oz. Size pitcher to serve other family members or can have 32 oz. single-person serve bowl.

This Ninja BL660 product features six sharpest blades with a couple with the 1000-watt motor to get the crushing done in seconds.

The health-conscious guys who wanted a transformation in their life, and are inspired to lose weight, the product will assist them in getting this done as they will need a blender to get their protein shake with some veggies and add-on regularly. This is the blender what everyone can have for the daily usage; it shows no downside.

This is a mid-range blender with superb functionality and value. There are other blenders in every size and price; if you are looking for more power and capabilities, probably you should watch something expensive.

This blender though features the same level of properties and functionality as the premium but could not fill the bill for a large family. The premium blenders also come with best warranties what the mid-range blenders lack off. You can say, this BL660 Ninja offering comes with all the specifications you could see in any high-ended blender, but they offer one year warranty.

The overall dimensions of the blender help it fit in the countertop without any problem. This is 17 inches top, and the standard distance between the counter and top of the upper cabinet is 18 inches. This is why this can fit in the countertop without any problem, closer.

This Blender just produces optimal speed to liquefy, grind and grate your ingredients. The more speed you have, the more options you can try for different recipes and smoothies. This machine comes with four-speed features.

Process and mixing

  1. Blend
  2. Puree, liquefy, crush ice
  3. Pulses for the controlled processing

Some blenders we see come with bigger jar sizes, and some come with smaller. Before actual placing an order, you must ascertain this comes with features and all proper speed.

Before purchasing any blender or I would say any product, one must ascertain either the product is BPA free. This is the type of plastic what seeps into your foods and ingredients with a small amount of pressure applied to them. If you do not like washing manually, must double-check if it is dishwasher free. Here in the Ninja BL660, you see the product features both the specifications.

This blender comes with a stainless steel body and digital touchpad, and both are easy to wash. You cannot just rely on blenders with buttons and switches, they go tedious with some extra loads, and you cannot control them.

  • A nice option with good motor performance and blades
  • Affordable
  • You get versatility in three pitchers sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable blades
  • It takes time processing hard and hole objects
  • The sharp blade needs special attention while cleaning up
  • This may not come fit in your countertop due to its size


The Final Thought
In a nutshell, Nutri Ninja BL660 checks all the right boxes and fall right on the criteria of a good blender for smoothie and ice. This comes with a patented blade double the performance with 1100 watt motor to supply enough power to shred the whole big objects into tiny ingredients in a matter of seconds.

This blender appliance comes with all necessary accessories such as 72-ounce big large pitcher, with two small 16-ounces pitchers.

And above all, when you compare the price with the features, you see this stands heads and shoulders above the rest. The best blender to get your all job related to making smoothies and blending done in a matter of no time.

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