Ninja Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Auto-iQ Base Blender Review

Ninja Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Auto-iQ Base BlenderA good blender can bring you peace of mind. It makes your life a lot easier by getting your smoothies done quickly. Whether you are health-conscious looking for the best blender or someone who is looking for a quick smoothie on the way to work, you need a good quality blender.

It needs lots of experience, in-depth knowledge and considerations to get a good blender to get your job done. For a novice, it would be hard to have one, especially in the times when we are overwhelmed with the new products every then and now.

We solved your problem and came up with the top quality blender which fits your all needs of blending, smoothie preparations, and food processing.

You might have heard the name Ninja; at least you must have watched the movie with the name. Ninja is top home and kitchen appliance Production Company with dozens of beautiful and easy to hack products on its chest.

In blender department as well, this brand has ranked several different sized and ranges products, such as Ninja BL 688.

Let’s review this product and see what Ninja has to offer with this product.


It has become my life experience now, not purchasing any product before reading reviews or checking ratings. I just do not jump into buying any product, what I do not have researched beforehand. But, I have had heard about Ninja smoothies makers a lot that I just gave this product a shot and purchased it. I am super excited to share this review with you that, I just made the right decisions, though I would not take much anymore.

Certainly, I would not like this blender for green smoothies there are reasons behind this, and I would share it here in this review. This is the best product for making smoothies, and you throw any at it, and it just shreds it with no-chunks.


  • Auto IQ technology offers intelligent time blending features
  • Pitcher size 72 oz.
  • 1200 watts professional motor
  • BPA free plastic lids, pitches and overall body
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removable six blades
  • Smooth and no-chunks smoothies
  • 75 inches tall
  • 7 years motor warranty



Design and features:

You might not like the design of the product, and the blades placement is little changed and unexpected compared to the counterparts. You see the blades are placed on the sides, not on the bottom; Ninja always comes up with some different designing and specifications compared to the rivals. I am not saying the product would even offer better results than Vitamix, the king of the blenders. But, at this price, you would not get a better option than this.

You see three blades at different heights; give it a look of a food processor more than a blender. The blades fall right on any criteria of a good edge, stiff and sharp producing the ultimate results in crushing and pureeing stuff.

The downsides of placing the blades on the sides are, the blades just do not make smoothie think-free, and it wired to find the chunks into the smoothies more often. To get rid of the problem, you will have to pour the smoothies twice or thrice to get it smooth.

Here you see a total of eight buttons or controls which are preset to Smoothie, frozen drinks, and puree.

You also get three-speed controls, low, medium and high. You also get a power and pulse button in the surroundings of the controls.

The biggest advantage of this interface, you get the controls just cleaned if something drops onto them without any hiccup.

The Blender comes with a 72-ounce pitcher, this pitcher size most of the time produced by the high-ended blenders with the expensive price range.

This product is a BPA free you would not get any tension regarding mixing the plastic into your smoothies anymore. You see the dishwasher safe option as well, so gets no issue in getting them washed using a dishwasher. I do not use a dishwasher to get my blender cleaned; I get this done manually. As, manual washing just give me peace of mind, more than cleaning.

The removing of blades without using any protection can make you get hurt physically, so always use some protection while putting off the edges.

I loved the warranty cycle of the blender. Usually, we see this price range only offer one or max two years warranty, but here the Ninja pour on the warranty cycle and has offered seven years span.


You can get any hard and complete object crushed in tiny pieces with just two seconds of the blend. I have seen many people complaining about the consistency in blending, or the machine stops moving when we fill the jar with green objects. I have mentioned it earlier in the post; you cannot fill this up with something green. You cannot have a good blending of greeneries; this is the downside, you will have to accept this if you have purchased it.

This is a fully capable machine of making a variety of smoothies without any hassle. You can have baby food prepared, vitamin shake, frozen milk juice and much more. It is priced less than $100, what else you want to acquire in a price equal to this.

  • The superb performance of crushing anything into tiny pieces
  • Multi-layer blade design
  • Integrated with the Auto-IQ system
  • High speed
  • Cannot have this for greeneries smoothies
  • Little difficult to resemble after getting it cleaned


The final thought
If you are looking for to have a potential blender with the versatile option, and high-ended speed plus performance, you can have this blender with closed eyes. This comes equipped with all necessary features required to get the whole objects crushed and converting them into tiny little pieces. This is an affordable option, for those who cannot afford to have Vitamix or Blendtec; this is a hands-down option in this price range.

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