Ninja Auto-iQ Total Boost Kitchen Nutri Blender System with 1500 Watts review

Ninja Auto-iQ Total Boost Kitchen Nutri Blender System with 1500 WattsIn recent few years, we have seen how Ninja outranked the other competitors in the Home Appliances and Kitchen appliances market. We are witnessing Ninja Shark products everywhere, Ninja Shark is a parent company of Ninja, and this as well had done a quite good job separately before the joint adventures. The Shark was in the market of vacuum cleaners and ranked quite higher in home system products.

The reasons we are here discussing ninja is quite apparent.  Ninja is quite a big shark, and for a novice, it becomes difficult to choose between wide arrays of products. Ninja has a good range of products in every price range and size, and it becomes quite hindrance to opt with one as per the needs. We even sometime could not accumulate our necessities and try to grab every third product with proper specifications and features.

Ninja’s latest offering, Ninja Auto-iQ Total Boost Kitchen Nutri Blender System with 1500 Watts base has done quite an impressive job. This hits the range of many users, and people are quite crazy about having this product in the kitty. You will be awestruck to learn that, this product more than often has gone out of stock on Amazon. And at the hour of writing, I was witnessing the red alarm, out of stock. I can hope the suppliers will cater to the needs of the people and will make the product in the reach.

Let’s have a quick review of it and see what the combination of different products have to offer to the users who were continually waiting for the next ninja venture.


  • Auto-IQ boost allows customizing your drinks
  • Beautiful button interface
  • Pitcher capacity 64 ounces
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Attachments wipe and clean
  • Plastic container type
  • One-touch control
  • 1500 watt motor
  • Total crushing blades
  • 64 oz. food processing bowl
  • Chopping blade
  • Dough blade
  • 18 ounces and 24 ounces Nutri Ninja Cups
  • Pro extractor blades assembly
  • Instruction guide



I assure you guys; this is not a normal blender. The Ninja has done a great job in combining chopping blades, dough container and a food processor along with a blender to get your various tasks carried out using these machines. You do not need to purchase multiple products to have your meal customization and drinking customization.

In today’s time, we cannot afford to spend time on buying various kitchen appliances to carry out different jobs. You select this standard order and see what Ninja has done for you. The Evolution of Auto IQ technology has given a new boost to Kitchen appliances. Now, you do not need to ignite and end the blending manually; the technology lets you select the mode and carry out the blending module following the programmed patterns.

Design and features:

If you are the one enjoy cooking, you will find the product come equipped with all possible features needed to carry the cooking process on. Even though you think you would not love using the blenders and just are frightened of using the new products or the like these, believe me, you are going to love this. You see this blender come with extra cups and big blender pitcher with a food processor. The food processor can get your food processing job done. You will have smooth chopping, shredding and cutting of different vegetables.

The build quality is great; the Ninja has given great power in the shape of 1500 watt motor.

Whether you want to have a creamy frozen drink or going to have vitamin extraction, you will find this machine doing every type of job for you.

This kitchen appliance comes with an Auto-IQ boost technology which honestly handles the drinking and food processing using the high blades integrated.

This kitchen appliance comes with a user manual. This is a rare thing that a company sends a user manual to handle different sides of the blender.

You see blades on all sides of the blender, from start to the end. You witness six blades in this blender, and you can have them removed as desired. But, guys do not do this without having a robust protections on your hands. I have cut my fingers more than often just extracting and assembling the blades around. The distinct feature what we had to see in Ninja products most of the lines, the blades come insides, not in the bottom. Here as well, you know this feature oozing, and you love to have this around.

This is a dishwasher safe product; it would be better to wash using the dishwasher as the blades are prone to cut the hands whether you put the protections on or not.

You see a separate food processor; if you love salsa type food, you love to have this on-board.

In Food processor as well, you get the six blades on the sides of it.

You also get a separate blade. This is probably to get the dough job done, this sperate blade seems quite high-ended, and you can have your bread making or for pizza processing.

Folks, just put your favorite fruits, the Ninja Extractor blades will break them down into tiny pieces producing nutritious drinks containing vitamins, etc.

  • Auto IQ boost technology to get the job impressively done
  • You get a blender, food processor and a dough maker in one price
  • Impressive speed
  • High performance oriented motor
  • 72 oz. blender capacity quite impressive and caters the needs of a large family
  • The blades on the sides just leave the chunks in smoothies
  • Poorly made lid it leaks contents on the base


The Final Thought
Yes, the addition of a dedicated food processor, a dough-maker with a high-performance oriented 1500 watt power blender just made my mind, and I am truly into this combo. If you are the one who loves to cook food and needed stuff for kitchen job handling, you can have these different kitchen appliances believe me, they worth a shot.

The combination of a food processor, blender and a dough maker has cut down the price half. If you go shopping for them separately, you will have to spend a double.

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