KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed Blender with 56-Ounce BPA-Free Pitcher review

KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed Blender with 56-Ounce BPA-Free PitcherBlenders have become one of the essential parts of life nowadays. If you could see ten years back, they come with a limited number of features and poor performance. With the evaluation of technology and electronics, the blender markets are full of all types of blenders offering a good range of specifications and features. I

f you also are looking for a mixer a combination of performance, features, and specifications, KitchenAid KSB1570SL produced and manufactured by KitchenAid will fit the bill. This comes with the right pitcher sizes and five-speed ranges to tackle all of your necessities with good speed.

This blender equipped with stainless steel sharpest blades removable, PDA Free plastic, scratch proof and dishwasher safe features for washing it in the dishwasher.

The Intelli Speed feature makes this product stand out in the massive crowd. You see the 550-W motor just senses the ingredients type and tackle with them as per the needed speed and demanded settings.


  • Impeccable control panel with LED Lights
  • Die-cast metal base offers great life-span
  • 56 Ounce BPA Free Pitcher
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Intelli Speed motor
  • Five-speed mode
  • Soft start feature
  • Ultimate blending experience with chopping, mixing, stirring


In today’s time when we do not usually build large kitchens, we do not have space for larger and bigger blenders. You just cannot place it anywhere in your kitchen due to its size. I have seen people complaining many blenders just because of the larger sizes. This KitchenAid product comes in a great size and one piece. You do not need to manage the extra utility cups to deal with different types of material difference. This 56-ounce pitcher is all in one, and you get all types of foods blended, stirred and mixed without any difficulty. This comes with a great range of speed; you can have any speed as per the desired type of foods. It takes a slow start; you get it started at a slow speed, it gets all the popped food into the blades and gradually increases the speed so that the optimal performance could be acquired.

I love the simplest design of it, the features and performance. There are complains about the hard types of ingredients leaving chunks and grains. And at some extent they are right; this machine finds it hard to tackle the hard foods. This is a downside may be. Still, it can make you proper processing after one-three repetition of processing.

Design and Features:

The market is over flooded with dozens of brands and hundreds of different types of blenders. You call a name, and the sales name would come with at least a dozen of the mixers. And a person gets confused; they all are identical and offers almost the equal level of performance.

Do not be confused; do not freak out. Just ask from yourself, do you need one blender to deal with every type of food in one pitcher? If yes, then the mentioned blender will fill the bills quite easily.

This blender comes in a wide array of colors, such as Black, red, white silver and much more. You pick the desired color and the blender which could fill the color scheme of your kitchen.

This comes with five-speed programs; the 550-W motor can handle any type of the job and gets every type of material go through quite easily.

It comes with classic five controls; you set them manually, as per the type of food. This comes with Intelli-speed feature, which makes the blender to turn on the rotation automatically after witnessing the food type. This way makes the foods and ingredients processed easily without overheating. The motor will not go wasted in this way, and you get a longer life span.

The soft start features just make me fall in love with this. This ignites on low notes, just to take the food and ingredients under the blades. Once it gets all of them chopped into bigger pieces, it makes them convert into tiny pieces as per your speed and selected mode.

The pulse function of the motor can bundle with any of the desired modes of the feature. You see the ice crushing combined with the pulse results a smooth smoothie. In the same way, if you put a hard food and use pulse function, you ensure the tiniest piece coming out of the machine. This makes the engine to produce an optimal level of performance with any food.

The blades are made of stainless steel; you can have them removed to wash them manually. There is no chance of the blades to get rusting; cleaning is quite easy. The pitcher of the machine is dishwasher safe, and you can easily clean them using the dishwasher safely.

If any material is stuck in the blades, you get it back and to allow the motor run for a few minutes.

The Pitcher material is made of BPA free plastic. While dealing with the hot foods, you will not get the plastic melt and mixed with the food. The lid design facilitates the better pouring and fits the pitcher quite tightly not to let the inner foods come out.


  • Deal with any type of food quite efficiently
  • Tight fit lit offers better pouring
  • Dedicated five functions to tackle any type of food processing
  • Difficult to process hard ingredients such as carrot
  • Shorter warranty period


The Final Thought
If we just look at the reviews, we see that the product at a larger extent has been successful in falling right on the needs and criteria of the users. We see KitchenAid KSB1570SL ranking high on the biggest shopping portal Amazon. This is one of the most excellent produced products of KitchenAid, and we have our trust in the product to deal with any food to get the desired results.

Its five-speed programs, Intelli-speed motor, and soft start features are wreaking the havoc. We can have the blades removed to get it thoroughly washed manually.

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