KitchenAid 56-Ounce Blender Pitcher with Black Lid review

KitchenAid 56-Ounce Blender Pitcher with Black LidAre you searching for the best everyday blender for your household needs? A blender which can carry out smoothies making to cake batter without any big difficulty and effort? KitchenAid the famed name in the home appliances world has a wide range of Blenders. You can pick any of them as per your need and affordability. A KitchenAid blender specifically targets the smoothies and liquefying. They may not offer you a good range of food processing what the top brands offer, but in its range, they are good to go with. They come with several additional features to deal with smoothies and other blending tasks such as Puree, chop, dice, shred and peel.

This KitchenAid offering is a refurbished product, which means KitchenAid but components do not craft this. The parts play a major role in carrying out blending and mixing different substances as per the need. Have a detailed review on the KitchenAid official refurbished blender, KitchenAid 56-Ounce Blender Pitcher and see what functions this has to offer to the users on the name of KitchenAid.


  • Five blending programs
  • Electronics control panel with blue LED lights
  • Chrome metallic base
  • Stainless steel blade
  • 56 Ounce single pitcher
  • Black Tight Lid
  • Non-removable blades
  • BPA free plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Scratch free pitcher
  • Separate crush ice mode
  • Intelli Speed motor control


The most significant advantage of this refurbished product will be its price. The price has been set as low that it lures every user. You have this product under 50 bucks what a great deal could it be?

This is a downright steal, and one should get the full benefits of such kinds of deal. You may not enjoy the same warranty level of KitchenAid, but the components are entirely designed and crafted by KitchenAid a famed name in the home and kitchen appliances world. You would never be able to grab this range of features and advance technology in this price range. Just look at its five-speed options, could you have this under 50 bucks in any case?

Look at the design and features of the refurbished 52 ounce KitchenAid product.

Design and features:

Let’s start from the base- KitchenAid refurbished product comes with a chrome metallic base. The base would be scratch proof; you would see no marks or scratches over time. The metallic base offers a longer life span compared to the other base.

This, not a plastic product what seems from a distance. The BPA plastic-free product this is officially attested with the certifications. You can rely on this for longer life span as the sturdy built of the blender offers a great value for your money. The only difference between the KitchenAid official products and this refurbished model is you do not get any warranty card. While with any KitchenAid product, you receive at least two years motor warranty and one-year components warranty. The components still are manufactured by the same brand.

You see five-speed programs. This means one can switch to any of the speed as per the usage. If you are popping into a hard material, difficult to grind or shred must get it with a soft speed option. For liquids, you can have a fast speed option or other listed in the control panel.

The pitcher initially it seems slow in performance or takes some time to get started. It’s not like that, the pitcher fits perfectly, but it takes three weeks to get loosen between the blade and the mug. Once it gets some space between, you see the speed is increasing all the way.

The separate ice crush button helps you to get the job done with ice. We sometimes need to process ice to get some smoothies cold stuff. We have to use the ice crush program; it takes some pauses after 30 seconds of crushing. As ice is difficult to process compare to the other materials. And if you continuously go processing, you may get the motor burned or other components damaged.

The BPA free diamond jar offers you a capacity of 52 ounces, which is more than enough to feed an entire family. The blades are as sharp as you can imagine. You can hurt yourself if you want to wash them without proper protection. The blades are no removable; you cannot remove and wash them. It is always better to manually wash the machine to get a longer life span. I have seen people complaining the less life span or motor burned out during the processing; you might have been washing using the dishwasher. You can have a dishwasher to clean this out, but manually go through this, it will offer extra longevity.
The combined performance of the Blade and 550W motor brings out the maximum possible results. The stainless steel blades got the capabilities to bring out maximum speed possible. The most important and intelligent feature of the machine is its Intelli-speed motor control. This means when you popped substance into the pitcher, you see the motor senses the type of the material and process them as per their needs.

While processing the hard substances like carrot and other greenies always use the pulse function as an add-on to the basic speed program. The pulse function offers extra power to cope with the substances in better ways and process the food smoothly without leaving chunks and grains.


  • An affordable price range with great functionality and features.
  • Five-speed programs along with separate ice crush feature
  • Chrome metallic base
  • Cannot process hard substances
  • The Pitcher may leak around the blade housing


The Final Thought
I loved this official refurbished KitchenAid product from the core of my heart. I have never seen this level of advanced features in any product price lower than 50 bucks. You can place the order and have this product at your doorstep.

In a nutshell, it is the best smoothie maker you can have. Do not rely on this for processing greeneries and hard substances. This is not a food processor, this is a smoothie maker and majorly makes smoothies.

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