Fitness achievement is the main factor for many of us nowadays. We know how difficult it is to lose weight or get the desired body posture without any need for gym equipment.

That’s why here, we are going to introduce you to the best smoothie blender brand which helps you to lose weight and achieve your fitness goal.

Breville smoothie blender so in and trendy these days. Do you know what the specialty about this blender is? The brand offers you amazing performance blenders under the reasonable price tag.

You will enjoy preparing lots of healthy drinks and smoothies by which you can lose your weight within a short time of period.

So, that’s why here are the top three Breville smoothie blenders for you, and these are the best cheap smoothie blender ever.

However, the best thing about Breville smoothie blender is that they provide you with a hard material container, which means you can easily go with crushing ice or some other hard and frozen items easily without any fear of scratching the container.

That is the main feature which everybody wants to get when they are out for purchasing a smoothie blender because having a hard material container would likely allow you to easily add any hard ingredient and blend it out entirely because the container is hard enough to protect from scratch or break.

Device NameWeightWattsProduct Dimension 
Breville BBL620 Blender
5.74 lbs11006.9 x 8.1 x 16.4 in
Breville BSB510XL Blender3.8 lbs2802.5 x 3 x 16.2 in
Breville Boss to Go Plus Blender8.4 lbs10005.5 x 5.5 x 15 in


1. Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender, Silver

Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender, SilverThis Breville BBL620 is the top-rated smoothie blender which allows you to prepare smoothies and healthy drinks with full power smoothly. However, it comes with the kinetics blending performance by which it will perfectly combine the power of a fast performance blender with some other kind of food processing tasks for convenience and versatility.

It further helps to finely crush and also chop the ice to easily turn it into the turn snow, aerate and fold for creamy soups and smoothies.

This Breville best smoothie blender for the money is very quiet and efficient as well to provide you with its performance. Though, it delivers high torque motor which is so quiet and perfect for blending any hard or frozen ingredients with full force.

Made with the perfect surgical grade stainless steel will surely assure you to get every ingredient blend completely, just say thanks to its sharp and long-lasting performance blade.

The blades are made with the heavy-duty material so that it will give you the fast performance and crush out everything you put into the container.

Furthermore, this blender comes with the amazing features like its LCD and timer by which you can easily view the speed settings of counts up and as well as down for pre-programmed settings so that you will get the complete control on the blending power.

Comes with 1-Touch versatility feature that means you can prepare the illuminated green smoothie, simple smoothie and also go with the pre-programmed ice crush mode buttons to make your blending time super simple to prepare the smoothest and yummy kind of smoothies every time.

It is very easy to clean blender and comes with the Breville assist lid which has a unique ring pull design to further ensure you that the cap is perfectly tight.

Quick features:

  • KINETIC BLENDING PERFORMANCE: that will combine the power of chopping and blending into one container so that you will get the fast performance.
  • QUIET AND EFFICIENT: with its high-torque motor that gives you the quiet experience and its efficient performance that will never lose its speed.
  • 1 TOUCH VERSATILITY: which means you can prepare smoothies and crush ice with the one-touch operation; it will be so convenient for you.
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • 1-touch versatility
  • High-torque motor
  • The lid is not tight enough



2. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion BlenderWith this Breville control grip immersion best smoothie blender for the price is here for you which allow you to prepare any drinks and smoothies under your budget.

Now just say bye-bye to those expensive restaurants when you can make your delicious smoothies at home with this cheap price blender machine.

You will get amazed with its Bell-shaped base; advanced shape plus built-in ribbing will further reduce the suction for higher control and provide you with the efficient power of blending and chopping as well.

However, with the help of this Breville control grip immersion best smoothie blender budget that is made with the ergonomic pistol-like control grip which will surely provide you with better performance, as it also gives you with a trigger operation to blend everything you want.

Now, preparing smoothies and healthy drinks are never be so difficult anymore, just grab this Breville control grip immersion blender and make your healthy smoothies at home.

Furthermore, this blender set comes with 42 oz extra-large jug so that you can prepare thinks for your entire family in just one attempt. Thus, the jar comes along with dual-purpose storage lid and as well as an anti-slip mat.

This would be an Ideal for blending, storing, and also measuring ingredients. Also, it comes with another attachment or whisks to combine air into egg whites and also mix cream.

In this set, you will also get one chopping bowl which is built with the stainless-steel chopping blades so that you can easily chop herbs, cheese, and as well as nuts. You can also crush out ice and turn it into snow easily, or just cut your nuts into a form of powder with just simple steps.

Quick features:

  • EXTRA LARGE JUG: by which you can prepare smoothies and drinks for your entire family in just one attempt.
  • OTHER ATTACHMENTS: in its attachments, you will need a whisk, chopping bowl, and one hand-beater, so that you can go with the perfect and convenient blender set option.
  • NON-SCRATCH BASE: which simply prevent scratching pots and other surfaces as well.
  • CONTROL GRIPPING: this entire blender set comes with the perfect control gripping.
  • Best for chopping and blending
  • Various attachments
  • Non-scratch base
  • Control gripping
  • The machine gets overheated again and again



3. Breville BPB625BAL1BCA1 Boss to Go Plus Personal Blender, 25 oz, Silver

Breville BPB625BAL1BCA1 Boss to Go Plus Personal Blender, 25 oz, SilverAs we all know,  Breville is the best smoothie blender brand which offers you so much to make and prepare within seconds. With the help of its powerful blade and Bowl System that is specially designed with three effective and efficient stainless-steel blades formed to the base of the jug which provides you with the maximum cutting power so that you will get the processing results.

This Breville blender is perfect for you to easily crush ice into the form of snow to perfectly decorate your cocktails and other drinks.

However, Breville is the best smoothie blender to buy which also comes with the assist lid that contains a unique ring pull design by which you will perfectly remove the lid while it will offer you with a completely sealed tight experience.

Also, this Breville blender comes with the other two travel cups where one is 25oz. And the other one is 18oz. So, now you will get this advantage to take your homemade fresh smoothies with you even in your travel journey easily.

Don’t forget to check its recipe book which gives you so many new and different smoothies plus other healthy drinks ingredients by which you can prepare something new every other day.

Though it will provide you with the 1000watts motor power, that would be fast and good in performance so that you will easily blend out every ingredient easily.

Furthermore, with this Breville blender set, you can grind, blend, and even crush out any hard ingredient conveniently without losing control.

It will provide you with full speed and adjustable settings so that you can adjust the speed according to the recipe and ingredient. This is the best blender set for you which also comes under your budget as well.

Quick features:

  • 3 POWERFUL STAINLESS-STEEL BLADES: that will completely blend and crush things out to give you creamy texture smoothies and soups.
  • UNIQUE RING PULL LID DESIGN: which gives you a convenient option to open and closed easily with a sealed tight feature.
  • 1000-WATTS POWERFUL MOTOR: which is so powerful and effective that immediately crush out ice and other frozen ingredients within seconds or so.
  • Powerful motor
  • Unique ring pulls the lid design
  • Sharp stainless-steel blades
  • Easy to operate
  • The lid is so tight and difficult to open sometimes


With this Breville smoothie blender, you can easily and conveniently prepare any drinks, purees, soups, and smoothies within seconds because it will provide you with a sharp blade system and as well as the hard material container.

Now, stop making the compromise on your health, buy one of these above mentioned Breville blenders and start building your homemade smoothies and healthy drinks to maintain your health and to achieve your fitness goals.