Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender review

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion BlenderBreville BSB510XL made a lot of buzz during the time of its launch. We were eagerly waiting to see this product as the company had created a lot of buzz in specifications and other features in advertisements. We were quite happy the way Breville manufactured this product and did a very extraordinary job in every department. The very first thing that hits you is the size of it; it is a very high product.

The blender comes with a good powerful motor 280-Watt motor. The machine performs well even when throwing veggies and hard substances on it.

The multi-purpose blender can blend anything; you can blend Apple, Pear anything you want. We loved the every feature and high-tech of the machine, the way the grip has been built and Lid has been constructed, hats off for the manufacturer.

You see a 25-ounce chopper bowl and 42-ounce large pitcher. The large pitcher comes with anti-slip mat and storage lid on the top. The blades and chopping are made of stainless steel material, and the overall build quality of the machine is up to the impressive marks.

Let’s have the insight into details and see the other features of the machine.


  • 42-ounce large jug
  • Whisk attachment to deal with egg whites and cream
  • 25 ounce three chopping bowls
  • One year warranty
  • RPM speed 13150
  • 15-speed settings for precise blending
  • 6-inch extra-large cord
  • 280-W motor
  • 8-inch immersion depth for blending large quantities
  • Stainless steel ice crush
  • Nom scratch pitcher and whisk
  • Double storage lid


Breville BSB510XL is one of the finest Breville products what caters your all needs of blending, mixing, pureeing and liquefying. This blender has cutting edge features with 15 blending and mixing settings.  You can switch to any as per the substance type and requirements. The grip of the pitcher is excellent; you will have a great fit. Probably for the smaller hands, the pitcher may not come fit. Maybe they find it too large to handle with one side and operate conveniently.

The cleaning of the machine is effortless. You got the option to hand wash the parts or throw them into the dishwasher. But, you should be cautious about the chopper lid, whisk and motor, as they are dishwasher safe and you cannot have them cleaned in the dishwasher.

The power produced by the powerful 280-Watt motor is up to the impressive marks. You will get a perfect speed to circulate the ingredients. The blending, whisking, mixing, pureeing will be done at high speed without any hiccup. I have been using this machine for a while, and I see this can go through any of the substance and material type with zero difficult and overheat.

Design and Features:

I love the immersive design of the Breville front runner blender. This comes with three cups of 25 ounces made of stainless steel for chopping, blending and peeling nuts and chess.

This machine also features an extra-large jug of 41 ounces. This jug uses for multi-purpose, like measuring and storing ingredients or smoothies after getting done.

The third is the whisk. This helps you go through the egg and creams properly without messing.

The control grip of the machine features ergonomic and handle various tasks comfortably. The trigger operations keep your hands in the natural position while dealing with the substances. You see the larger sizes of the pitcher and jug cannot fit for the smaller hands.

The machine comes with 15 various settings. You switch for the desired setting and process through the substances easily. This ample number of settings in speed offers great control over the substance, and you go through without any difficulty. The machine also features a 6 inches extra-long cord; this adds extra portability and movements for producing better smoothies and juices.

In spite of having a powerful machine of 280-W, the blender does not produce much noise. The noise is not that loud like passing a diesel truck. Yes, there is a sound, like normal blending and crushing sound. This is even not closer to the sounds what most of the blenders make while processing even the soft substances.

The overall height of the blender lies at 16.2 inches; this means, the product can be stored between the countertop and cabinet. The normal height between the countertop and cabinet is about 18 inches. So, feel free to put the blender at the right place, without worrying about the space.

The amazing Breville BSB10XL comes with 15 different speeds. And I can be, most of us, even do not know how to deal with this number of speed. We usually roll hands on 3-5 different speeds as per the type of the material and requirements.

We tested it for juicing, pureeing, smoothie preparation, mixing and other various purposes. And we find the machine stands right on the criteria of our requirements and we are quite happy to have such a tremendous product to deal with various blending tasks.

The 8 inches immersion is something we loved from the core of the heart. Like, when we are dealing with the large quantities of the material, it becomes imperative to use hands to give the movements to the stuck substances. This is pretty handy when dealing and blending the soups.

I have seen people complaining regarding the blades quality and others. The company backs its product as long as for one year. If you see any damage happened to the machine before actually landing it on your doorstep, or you receive a damaged product. Put your complaints and make them take back the damaged product and send a damaged free product.


  • Easy to clean
  • Fast and perfect to deal with any ingredient type
  • Quiet
  • Well built
  • Well designed
  • Various speeds to cater to the needs
  • Heavy
  • Does not fit right in smaller hands
  • Avoid hot items


Final Thought
BSB510XL is durable and perfect blender to add great value to your blending and related tasks. The product is designed great, and makes blending, whisking, and chopping easy. The product is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. There are minor drawbacks, but this small drawback can be overlooked.

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