Breville BPB625BAL1BCA1 Boss to Go plus Personal Blender review

Breville BPB625BAL1BCA1 Boss to Go plus Personal BlenderBreville brand has been a famed name in home and kitchen appliances products. We have witnessed some earth-shattering products manufactured by Breville. In 2016, Breville decided to step foot into the Blender department. They came up with Breville Boss to Go BPB600BAL Kinetix blade and bowl system. From the first day of its launching, the blender hit the market well. The users took this product as a serious counterpart of the Breville products. Even in the age of Vitamix and Blendtec people are falling for this blender.

I am not saying, the blender has overtaken the Blendtec, but somehow it is coming nearer to them. And who knows, maybe in some years, this blender could take the place of the famous Vitamix.

So, the blender comes with brilliant overall performance and hugely great design. The sleek design help this to rank better on Amazon among top blenders.

Let’s have a quick look at the specifications:


  • Two dual wall sport cups of 15-ounce capacity
  • One mega 23-ounce tumbler
  • One milling and grinding container with LID
  • BPA free
  • 1000-W motor
  • Die-cast metal base
  • Include accessories appliance and science recipe book
  • Serrated central blades
  • Dishwasher safe


If you ask me the simplest one-word review, my answer would be “Amazing.” Yes, the way Breville Boss to go has been designed, the way, the manufacturer took serious concerns to the advanced technology and blending tasks, this is something unique. This is touted as the best blender for green smoothies. You might have been seeing the mixers not coming with the capability to blend green ingredients. This when comes with the inbuilt features to blend and prepare smoothies out of anything you throw at them.

This blender is well built for pulverizing seeds, greens, ice-crushing, pear, and Apple.

When you can have any blending machine for harder substances, would it perform alright with soft ingredients? Yes, of course when the machine can cope with hard elements, why would it find it difficult to deal with softer ones.

So, let’s have a quick look at the design and other key features what made this product apple of the eyes of the many users.

Design and features:

You see here in this top-notch blender the two different types of sets. The primary set includes the base and two different sizes of cups. Both the cups are made of BPA free Tritan copolyester. The Tritan plastic is considered the top-notch quality in high-class blenders and they endure pressure, resistance and are dishwasher safe.

You must learn that when we call a blender dishwasher safe, it does not mean the motor includes in it. You must not put the motor in the dishwasher, and it should not be a hidden secret.

Both extra cups features in the set boost the multi-tasking. You can put your smoothies or liquid into them without much worrying about extra pots.

The Boss to go got a great steel base blade system featuring robust prokinetics technology, which helps the blades not to catch the robust.

The blades offer an optimal level cutting, processing, shredding, and mixing capabilities powered by the powerful motor. The integrated blades crush and break the bigger substances in the smallest possible size, and you get smooth, creamy smoothies in the end.

The Boss to Go blender has been built in a way that it is easy to wash. The blades in the base are integrated in a way that they come far from the bottom, which makes them easy to clean up.

Breville, the manufacturer of the blender, recommends that whenever you have processing of citrus fruit or including the citrus in smoothies, you must rinse and wash the container and the blades instantly. The citrus has a harsh impact on the container and the blades, and if you do not do that, you may get some serious issues in overall performance and usability of the blender.

You see the smooth rimmed edges of the additional cups and bowls. They have a great add-on, and Breville has done this fantastic job just to offer drinking capabilities out by far, even without a lid. They got smooth pouring edges, and you see no substance on the floor or the ground while pouring drinks or smoothies into glasses or cups.

People love this incredible out of the box solution of the drinking problem direct from the bowl or the cups.

You may not find any direct ways to get the additional cups about what I am showering love. Yes, if you could just hold some minutes and catch the customer’ service line, you find this is very easy to reach some and get the additional cups including.

I have been reading the cups and lids issue along with the leaking in this appliance. Yes, they are all machines, and the engine gets damaged. But, this type of issues mainly comes forth when we do not put special care in using and maintaining them. We most of the time overfill the jar and overtight the lid what messes with the seals, and in the end, the jar starts leaking the material from the base or seals. But, as per my experience, I have never seen any such issue in the Boss to Go Blender.


  • Impressive performance especially dealing with green ingredients
  • It is the perfect grab to prepare smoothies
  • Great design and cups
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free plastic
  • The absence of speed options
  • No separate ice crush option


The Final Thought
I have never come across to such a powerful blending machine in this price range. This is a perfect, powerful little machine what makes smoothies blend drinks and much more.

It may not be as versatile or featuring advance options as Vitamix. We see one year warranty, which can be a downside or the machine but the impressive performance and capability to go through any type of ingredients just stand heads and shoulder above the rest.

The machine features well-built cups, jar, and grinder to add some sort of versatility.

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