Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender review

Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious BlenderBreville BBL620 is the most excellent smoothie blender in the world. Within a few years, this new installment has outranked the giants of blenders. This is the updated version of discontinued BBL 605XL. If we could see ten years back, BBL 605 was as famous as BBL 620 due to its technology functions and other advanced features.

This blender has given a tough competition to bigger players such as Blendtec and others.

Its efficiency, power performance and blending capabilities have given a new boost and sales are on the highest numbers. I am not saying this is equal to the Blendtec and Vitamix; you get the same level of performance in almost half of the price. The major difference between Breville BBL220 is the warranty. Breville offers one year warranty on the others hand, Blendtec backs at least five years.


  • One touch versatility
  • The auto clean feature makes you clean around the blades
  • Unique Assist LID ring pull design ensure safety
  • LCD Display
  • Heavy duty blades
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Five-speed programs
  • Four preset programs
  • 1100-W motor
  • BPA free plastic
  • 50 oz. liquid capacity


In my opinion, Breville BBL620 is the finest offering to blend smooth consistency drinks only from the soft ingredients. Like, I am not saying this cannot blend the hard substances such as Pear and Apple, it will leave chunks and grains and not obliterate them like the way Blendtec and Vitamix do.

For preparing smoothies from the soft drinks, you can have this product completely, and the functions will make you fall in love with it.

You cannot trust on this in blending even green smoothies, here as well it leaves the chunks, and you have to repeat the blending process 2-3 times.

I would suggest you not to get the machine on board for preparing juices; this may not suit your needs in case of whole juices.

Design and features:

The machine has a good built. You see the exterior of BBL620 has a heavy duty die-cast metal base and looks very solid. It has an 1100 watts motor and BPA free plastic base. One can have this for dishwashing without any damage to melting or anything.

The weak side would only be its warranty card. Breville does not support more than one years to the machine and offers a limited warranty to the specific components such as motors and blades.

The machine can be used to get any type of tasks; for the hard substances you will have to repeat the process more than once.

The container of the BBL 620 has the max liquid capacity of 50 OZ. This amount is enough to serve the entire family. The container is made of Eastman Tritan Polyester and is BPA free.

The container is dishwasher safe and scratch proof; you can clean it manually or in a dishwasher safe as per your desire. But, this is not designed to handle the hot liquids. You ought not to rely on this to hot process materials, the obvious drawback.

I have seen many people complaining about lid quality and fitting. I could not see this issue in my blender; the lid is quite fit and does not start losing with the blending process. Yes, the pitcher design is wired and does not fill the bills. The poured liquid start splashing after blending; the design is not great to pour the liquid from pitcher to glass or any other container.

The blades are semi-permanently attached and assembled. You can remove them with a special wrench; the blades are stainless steel made and offer longer longevity. The blades are quite sharp, so do not pull them off without wearing proper protections.

I have mentioned it earlier; the machine is not designed to process hot ingredients. You need to cool down the liquid before liquefying those making soups, etc. The machine does not have inbuilt features of friction to process hot soups like the way we deal in Blendtec and Vitamix.

Yes, with a high to little effort, you can mash boiled water. Processing the thick texture material leads the machine overheating and can trigger the system shut off. You need to go through the user manual before blending and processing materials about which you are not sure.

I have mentioned this too earlier, the processing of hard substances such as nut butter. The blending of such ingredients requires more power than this blending watt featured by the machine. Yes, you can try it out and within a few repetitions; you will be able to get the desired job taken.

The control panel of the BBL620 designed well. You see it comes with on/off button, five-speed options and four preset programs.

The blades housed by the machine are semi-permanent and cannot be manually removed. They are very easy to operate and clean.

The Lid consists of two pads the lid and the removable cup what allows to add extra ingredients. You need to remove the air pockets remained in the machine using the pulse function; it cannot operate it.

The machine without any doubt is a noise blender, and it makes us feel more like a diesel truck is passing one.


  • The machine features a sleek and modern design
  • No doubt about the quality of the blades
  • Inbuilt container blades make the machine easy to clean
  • BPA free plastic
  • Shatterproof container
  • Overprice product with medium duty blender and 1100 watts motor
  • It cannot blend all materials, only process soft material for preparing smoothies
  • Short warranty life span


The Final Thought
Breville BBL620 is a better version of BBL603XL, but the manufactures should have enhanced the power efficiencies up to 1500 watts than this 1100 watts. This size of the motor cannot just operate the hard substances and more than often halt issues.

This is capable of making good smoothies from the soft ingredients; it cannot process even green ingredients and leaves chunks and grains in them. A good product on chopping and mixing but it is not able to operate the leafy ingredients and making smoothies out of them.

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