Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender review

Blendtec Total Classic Original BlenderBlendtec is a successful and most renowned brand in commercial and home appliances world. Over the years, this brand earned a great name in manufacturing easy to use and sophisticated products. In kitchen Appliances, the brand is not a novice. The experience the Blendtec accumulated in commercial and home appliances products is better used in manufacturing out of the box and differently designed blenders.

If you are confused about purchasing a good quality blender, which offers great value to your hard earned money, without thinking much, opt with Blendtec blenders. This can process any different ingredients and prepare healthy smoothies.

If you want a good add-on in your kitchen life and food processing, Blendtec blender is a hands-down option. Just have a birds-eye view of the latest reviewed Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender and see what the features and specification of this product are. I am sure you will be awestruck after witnessing the line of great features and specifications.


  • One touch buttons control
  • Six preset programmed cycles
  • Separate pulse button
  • Ten-speed manual control
  • Potent blade with 80 percent thickness
  • Dull blade no poke and cuts
  • The self-cleaning process takes less than one minute to clean it
  • Large Batches
  • BPA free Wild side Jar
  • 90 Ounce big pitcher
  • Warming soup feature helps to prepare hot soups within five minutes
  • Three years warranty
  • Blunt blade
  • Tamper free jar and latching lid


If you are confused about choosing one brand from the dozens available, you must check the ratings and reviews. The reviews always help, as brands can never forge the reviews from the top shopping portals. I have read hundreds of reviews, behold the ratings and watched the peoples sentiments regarding kitchen appliances specifically blenders. This is one of the most prominent and used kitchen appliances which adds a great value if you grab a good one.

If you want to save some bucks and opt with a local brand, you will have to purchase once more within a few months or more probably in weeks. If you just spend a large chunk in captivating a good quality good bread blender, you will never regret the decision.

The Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender comes equipped with all possible functions, features, and accessories what we needed while blending. We need more than one jar, we want some quality blades integration, the jar should be tampered free, and it should be easy to clean. These all features have been instilling in this offering, and you can witness them by your eyeballs.

Let’s not waste too much time, and direct dive into the features and design, and see what else the Blendtec has to offer.

Design and features:

I have been using blenders for years, and I know the most important aspect of a blender. If you ask from an expert, he will talk about the pitcher. The pitcher is the most important component of a whole set and if you want good value from the blender, at least this part should be placed at the right place.

The jar or the pitcher in this blender has a great build. It is perfect for bigger families and processes anything you throw at it fast. The innovative design automatically pulls down the ingredients like the way crocodile pulls the prey into claws. It blends even the hardest and most difficult ingredients without using the tamper or any other extra device.

The blades are something we must take into account while purchasing a blender. Here you see the blender’s blades are cold forged hardened steel. This type of blades is ten times faster than the normal local blades. They are not sharp, the blades are dull and blunt, and you will get no poking and injury while cleaning them out.

The blunt blade design was constructed to pull in the hardest material and pulverize them easily. This is the most known and famous type of blades, and you see this featuring in high-ended blenders.

Now with the Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender, one can programme the blending cycles. If you are the one who does not want to always program the machine before using, just program them once and use this anytime you blend. Create incredible blends with just one push button. Prepare hot soups, ice creams, juices, batter and other food processing with just a simple tap. Bring walk-away blending to your life and take benefits from the innovative designs of Blendtec blenders.

Do not you want to knead the thick bread for your pizza? Get this blender on the board and see this mix batters for fresh pancakes, waffles, cookies, and cakes. This is one of the most trusted dough and batter device what you can use today.

One of the fines features of the machine, preparing hot soups for your meals. You can have as many hot soups as you want for a big family. This takes minutes to make hot soups, and you need no other device to assist it in getting the job done. The hot soups get prepared just by using the blades frictions. So, get your desired ingredients popped into this and make hot soups for your dinners.

The height of the blender makes it fit into the counterpart of between the cabinets without any hiccup. The Blendtec backs this machine for seven long years. The 1560 W motor can wreak the havoc if you could use them right.


  • One of the most powerful motor you come across in blenders
  • It can blend anything any type of ingredients you throw at it
  • Prepare hot soups within minutes
  • One of the finest gadgets to knead dough for pizzas
  • Easy to way
  • Innovative design
  • Overheating
  • Noisy
  • Expensive


The Final Thought
I am totally impressed with the overall performance and features of the Blendtec product. I would recommend this machine, as it houses almost all features required for blending, juicing, crushing, kneading and much more.

If expensive price is not your matter, you can have this product without any doubt and you are not going to regret this.

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