Blendtec designer 725 blender review

Blendtec designer 725 blenderBlendtec and Vitamix are the two topmost followed and selling brands in blending world. You see these two brands competing for shoulder to shoulder and overcrossing one another. Both are the ideal brand, and one can never go wrong with either. But, in a few years, it has been recorded that Blendtec designer 725 blenders has seen an upward trajectory at Vitamix blending models.

This model has given a severe competition to the Vitamix and the best Utah-based blender we have ever seen. The upgraded version of the previous Blendtec model offers more features, functions, and capability in blending. You see this brand featuring most of the features of the Blendtec original products here. I can bet, this is the blender what you cannot go wrong with.

I love every inch of this blending machine. From the first glance to its performance, you see this sweeping other machines from the roots. I have never seen such a designer product in a kitchen appliance; this was the first time when a brand put this special attention in the designing of a product.

So, let’s not wait for too much and dive directly into the features and specifications of it and see what this machine has to offer more.


  • 8 HP Motor which runs at 1800Watts
  • BPA free Wildside Jar and Vented gripper lid
  • Overall height 15 inches
  • Illuminated touch panel
  • Separate speed pulse function
  • SmartBlend technology senses and identifies problems and errors
  • 6-preprogrammed speed function
  • Metal die cast finishing
  • Comes in two color range
  • 8-years warranty
  • 30 days money back guarantee


The Blendtec designer 725 blenders is a potential blending machine with great capabilities of pulverizing bigger chunks. This machine comes with a smart blend technology which means, it will notify you on the screen if it needs more water or liquid while blending.

This is a hefty price blending machine with fantastic performance and power. If you are the one who deals with the blending and processing of the foods more than often, you need to have a blending machine what could be used daily without any problem or error. If you see its specifications, features, functions, and usability, you know this falling right on any criteria of a powerful blending machine.

Design and features:

The first thing you notice about the machine is its design. The stainless steel case with sturdy blades and cutting edge technology has given a new life to this Blendtec product. This is an older version of the same brand, which has been upgraded by adding some of the revolutionary features and functions. This means by all accounts is one of the finest creations of the brand and has earned a huge reputation in the market if you could see now. The eye-catching design boasting machine will become the focal point of your kitchen in a day. The machine uses the advanced physics and engineering to reduce the overall processing resulting the less time will be consumed in cooking and preparing for the food.

The machine comes with a six pre-programmed setting; you can have the ice cream, smoothie, hot soup, whole juice a Sala preparation with the tap of the finger. Just have the machine, put the ingredients, switch the required mode, and within minutes get the ingredients processed.

The machine has enough power to produce hot soups for meals in minutes. This uses the blades friction to produce hot soups, and you will be able to serve the soups within minutes for sure.

The Blendtec Designer 625 blender features a Wildside + jar and a vented gripper lid of BPA free plastic. The 3.8 HP motor gives you the required amount of power for blending anything you throw at it. The motor is more powerful than the older version of the blender, and you see it processing the hardest material within seconds.

The total height of the machine is about 15 inches, and you see no problem it is having the between the counterpart and cabinet.

The heat generation of the powerful motor is directly transferred into the liquid; you will be seen awestruck how easily the machine prepares the soups in the shortest period.

The Blendtec, the main force behind the creation of this 725 blender, has made a great beast when we see at the performance of this. With a 3.8 horsepower 1,800-watt motor, this is the powerhouse of blending, pureeing, mixing, dough and crushing ice into snow.

If you want to check any blender’s capabilities, you must ignite it using with Ice. This is one of the hardest substances to process in a blender, and blender’s life comes on the stack when you are on processing the Ice without using the Pulse function. Here you see the blender breaking down the ice into snow quite easily.

The Blendtec Designer 725 comes with a touchscreen interface, which allows you to put all of the power of this beautiful machine at your fingertips. All operations, modes, settings, and functions are just a tape away from you. The touchscreen is illuminated, and you find it not difficult for cleaning the surface if something drops on it.

The bae of it is made of the stainless steel, which adds some ounces to it. You will find this difficult to travel with because this is such a powerful machine, the weight will necessarily be more than the other counterparts.

  • 8 HP powerful motor
  • 6 preset settings for processing various foods and recipes
  • Epitome at making soups, smoothies, juices and grinding coffee beans for making fresh coffee
  • BPA free container and lid
  • Comes with manual and automatic pulse settings
  • Easy to control and clean
  • Volume measurements can be read easily
  • Sleek design
  • 8 years warranty
  • It costs arms and legs
  • Heavyweight
The final thought
This is among the most selling Blendtec product, and there are reasons for it. The Blender is the top most used and followed kitchen appliances the Blendtec ever produced. You see every aspect of the machine has been manufactured with much care and considerations.

It’s capacity, its ease of operation, advanced features, and sleek design will make you impress for sure.

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