Blendtec Classic 575 Blender review

Blendtec Classic 575 BlenderIf I ask you to speak the two most famous and quality name in blending the names surely will be “Blendtec” and Vitamix. These are the two most recognized, famed and top-selling brands in the world. But, I always prefer Blendtec over Vitamix due to many reasons. I do acknowledge the downsides in Blendtec blenders, but I do not know why I am tilted to this brand. Maybe I have been using this for years and addicted to the features, quality, power and superior results. So, here we are today with another add-on to the Blendtec world, Blendtec Classic 575 Blender.

This blender is an extension to the Blendtec products and features dozens of superior functions and properties such as one-touch timed cycles, preprogrammed functions, five-speed precision controls, and pulse.

Let’s dig deep and shed light on other features of Blender and see what else this amazing product has to offer.


  • Easy to use blending cycles
  • One touch button
  • 4 Programmed cycles with the pulse button
  • Five-speed manual precision controls
  • LCD displays show the blending cycle time remaining
  • No chopping needed, save your time and you never need chopping using this classic beast
  • Patented blade
  • Stainless steel made a blade with wings
  • Self-cleaning
  • BPA Free Wildside plus a jar
  • 90-ounce volume jar with 36 ounces blending capacity
  • 8 years warranty
  • Motor 1560 W


I have seen people loving Blendtec products. This brand really wreaks the havoc in international markets when it comes to blending and blenders. Vitamix and Blendtec are working very hard to compete with each other, and both are doing impressive jobs. The most loved thing about both of the leading giants is they offer at least eight years of warranty. This prolonged warranty span just makes the client overwhelmed, and they agree to purchase any product with this span of warranty.

I think that if you are hunting for a blender to help you in a commercial level of blending, you go with this product. This is the most powerful beast performed astonishing in blending world. This is an awesome smoothie blender, and it can pulverize anything you throw at it in seconds. I checked every ingredient to see the motor performance; even the hardest ingredients were ground smoothly without a single hiccup. Let’s see the features of this machine and look at the most advanced function what allured the user to purchase this expensive beast.

Design and features:

Blendtec 575 classic is a continuation of Blendtec Classic the biggest success in the history of Blendtec sales. This was, by all means, a professional blender with all strength to pulverize anything. All boxes were checked right for that, such as the design, the LCD controls, strength, strong features, and enormous blending pitcher.

With 575 Classic the features are almost identical with minor design changes and some power add-on. Here we see the powerful 3HP motor with unique blade and smooth functioning. Here you see a great add-on in the form of four preprogrammed cycles what I find the users go through the most.

In the latest Blendtec product, you get five speeds of 50 seconds intervals, pulse control, and a separate stop button. You get the chance to roll hands on the desired color range, as the brand has come up with six color design. You can have a black, poppy, Caribbean, orchid, polar white and slate gray color as per your ambiance.

You see a 90 OZ Wildside jar with the comparatively narrow fifth side for better production of large volumes. This design helps you to go through with a high volume of ingredients and works ideal for green drinks, ice creams, and dough making. The jar features a bigger blade than the previous installment, and you feel a better grinding and smoothie experience in here.

The smaller jar bears 75 OZ volume and works fine for smaller tasks and blending works. This design is perfect for going through the smaller volumes such as heating soup faster or grinding the hard ingredients and ice cream preparations.

The machine boasts a 3HP motor; the machine produces enough power to slice through anything anytime without any suspire. I loved the impeccable performance of the machine especially at a larger scale and to use it for commercial blending at home. You can easily create hot soups; crush any frozen material, and dough mill flour. This blender excels in every department; either you see it going through the ice creams or dry fruits.

The controls are super easy. You get a simple LCD where you can track the timing of each blending. You can also see the time remaining for a specific blending within the blending tasks. The four preprogrammed cycle allows you to use any of them for different purposes and go through the tasks with just one push.

The self-cleaning functions have a great impact especially for singles who just does not like cleaning after consuming healthy smoothies. Put a small amount of water and use the auto clean feature of it and this will clean the entire interior of the jar without any great difficulty. You drain the water and use it after that for getting any other ingredients processed.

  • Amazing powerful motor with superb performance
  • Impeccable LCD screen and controls
  • Five pre-programmed mode to make you go through any food without spending much time on programming the machines altogether.
  • Auto Clean function perfect addition
  • 8 years warranty
  • The blender is loud and produces eruptive noises
  • The blender is limited to the digital controls, less control on variable speeds just unlike Blendtec speed controls or Vitamix variable dial
The Final Thought
I have been reading the reviews and beholding the ratings regarding this Blendtec 575, the reviews were positive and rating was great comparison to the other Blendtec products. The Blendtec has been designed onto the Classic motor base with some useful additions for controls and ease.

If you really are hunting for a workhorse and want to use the blender for a commercial purpose, the Blendtec 575 is hands down choice for you.


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